Who we are

We create digital experiences that excite and inspire

Snars Corp is a full service digital agency located in India, United States & United Kingdom.

We are a team of professional designers, developers, marketers and IT specialists combining our knowledge and expertise to create exceptional designs and strategies, tailored to your business’s needs and requirements.

Tell us about your goal and we’ll show you how you can achieve it. Whatever your project, we’d love to be involved.









What we do

eCommerce Website

We are a leading eCommerce online store development company. For retailers, B2C, B2B

WordPress Website

WordPress and Shopify web development services for small, medium and large-scale digital builds. 

SEO & User-Friendly

Professional Web Design service provider in India and overseas. Custom to fit your business.

Custom Web Development

The best technologies to bring your web development projects to life. From backend to frontend development.

Maintenance and Support

Monitoring server performance, security updates & software upgrades.

Get a website that will make you stand out from the competition.

In today's digital world, your website is often the first point of contact between you and your potential customers. That's why it's so important to have a website that is well-designed, informative, and engaging. But how can you make sure your website stands out from the competition?

We'll build you a website that you'll love

The importance of having a website


Increased visibility and reach

A website allows you to reach potential customers all over the world, 24/7.


More leads and sales.

 A website can be a powerful tool for generating leads and sales.


Better customer service

A website can help you provide better customer service by providing a place where customers can learn about your products.


Reduced cost

A website can help you reduce costs by eliminating the need for print advertising and other traditional marketing materials.


We guarantee the security
and protection of your website

Using a web application firewall (WAF)

A WAF is a security device that can help protect your website from common web attacks.

Backing up your website regularly

We will help you to recover your website data in the event of a security breach or other disaster.

Monitoring your website for security threats

We regularly monitor your website for security threats, such as malware infections and suspicious activity.


Tools and programming languages we use

The best language for you will depend on your specific needs and goals. If you are new to web development, I recommend starting with HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JQUERY and JavaScript. These are the three core web development languages, and they will give you a good foundation in web development. Once you have a good understanding of these three languages, you can then explore other web development languages and frameworks.

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