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Invoice Billing Management

Optimize your business efficiency with our cutting-edge Invoice Billing Management solution. Streamline your financial processes, effortlessly generate and manage invoices, and gain real-time insights into your billing cycles. Our comprehensive platform empowers you to handle invoicing with ease, ensuring accuracy and compliance. From automated billing workflows to customizable invoicing templates, we've got your invoicing needs covered. Take control of your financial transactions, reduce manual errors, and enhance your overall billing experience. Elevate your business with our Invoice Billing Management service – the ultimate solution for seamless, efficient, and error-free invoicing. Sign up now to revolutionize your billing practices and pave the way for financial success

Point of Sale Next Generation

Original price was: ₹20,000.00.Current price is: ₹18,000.00.
  • Progressive Web App
  • Support multi type of business: retailer – grocery / cafe-restaurant / Salon
  • Cafe/Salon Mode with table management, merge table, transfer table, View Screen
  • Support Rent Business type like as : karaoke, Pool Table Hire, hotel / room rent …
  • Real-time sync table order data between waiter’s phone/tablet and Kitchen’s phone/tablet/ pc
  • General / Grocery Mode with customer pole display
  • Multi-Warehouse (Outlets)
  • Inventory Management
  • Stock Overview
  • Multi Registers
  • Support all type of Barcode Scanner device / Auto detect barcode device input

School Management System

Transform your school's operations with our advanced School Management System. Simplify administrative tasks, streamline communication, and enhance collaboration among teachers, students, and parents. Our comprehensive platform offers features such as attendance tracking, grade management, and resource scheduling, providing a centralized hub for efficient school administration. From automated report generation to seamless communication channels, our School Management System is designed to optimize educational workflows. Ensure a smooth learning experience for students and empower educators with the tools they need to excel. Revolutionize your school's efficiency and communication with our user-friendly, feature-rich School Management System. Embrace a new era of education technology – sign up now for a smarter, more organized, and collaborative academic environment.